Office Recycling Services in Memphis, TN


Proper Destruction of Confidential Materials

Dixie Waste Paper Company is an ideal solution for any business generating a large amount of paper or digitalizing their records in the Greater Memphis area. Office recycling is a very popular practice in today's society. However, does your business know what to do with the accumulated waste paper? Call us at 901-324-1495 to set up a system for proper waste paper removal and destruction.
Office-related items that Dixie Waste Paper Company accepts for recycling include letterhead, copy paper, computer print-outs, file stock and a wide variety of paper products used in offices and businesses. We also shred file stock and confidential materials. A letter of destruction is available upon request.
We purchase corrugated containers and specialty grades of paper, such as print shop waste, high-grade ledger papers, and white papers.
Contact us at 901-324-1495 or to set up a customer recycling program including plastic recycling for your business.