Waste Paper and Recycling Center in Memphis, TN


Serving the Mid-South Since 1943

Dixie Waste Paper Company based in Memphis, Tennessee, has been helping Mid-South businesses manage their waste paper operations for over 70 years. We are committed to providing companies with an eco-friendly waste disposal alternative. Our services offer businesses a cost-effective way to properly remove bi-products. Call 901-324-1495 to learn more about how our recycling services can benefit you.
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About Us

Dixie Waste Paper Company first opened its doors in 1943 in Memphis, Tennessee. Our family-owned and operated business started as a small recycling facility. Over the years, we have grown and expanded to a full-service recycling company. In 1981, we began recycling aluminum and became the first aluminum can recycling center in the Mid-South. Today, our services are extended to the residential, commercial, and industrial segments in the Greater Memphis Area.
As direct mill shippers, we ship directly to paper mills for recycling. We also pay COD on acceptable drop-off materials and will pick up within a 30-50 miles radius, depending on the waste volume.
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Our Customers:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Print Shops
  • Individuals
  • …any business that generates a lot of paper!