Commercial Recycling Programs in Memphis, TN


Providing Waste Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Industries

Dixie Waste Paper Company specializes in assisting commercial and industrial customers with collection and pick up programs throughout Memphis, Tennessee and the Mid-South. Our employees have about 15-18 years of service with us, and are experts in assessing and planning the best waste paper removal solutions for our customers. We work with area distribution centers designing conveyor systems and balers, and determining which supplies are needed to sell paper. If scrap plastic is a by-product of your business operation, call us at 901-324-1495 to find out how you can sell it.
Dixie Waste Paper Company offers businesses with low cost waste paper disposal and recycling options. Our recycling programs, not only help businesses save money, but also help preserve the environment for future generations. Smaller businesses can directly drop-off at our facility located at 2747 Jackson Ave, Memphis TN 38108 in the heart of Memphis. We will conveniently pick-up larger volumes within a 30 – 50 miles radius. Our free pick-up service is based on the volume of the load. Take advantage of our waste paper solution and recycling services.

Full Range of Custom Designed Recycling Services:

  • Specializing in commercial and industrial customers with collection and pick up programs
  • Office Recycling
  • Waste Paper Brokerage
  • Direct Mill Shipping
  • Confidential Record and File Destruction
  • Equipment, Collection Bins and Balers Placed as Needed
  • Dedicated Service Representatives
  • All Services are Provided by Dixie Waste Paper's Full Time Employees
Contact us at or at 901-324-1495 for more information or to set up your customized recycling program.